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Popcorn Hour A400
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Popcorn Hour A400

Networked Media Jukebox - Popcorn Hour A400, 800Mhz Dual-Core CPU withVXP Image Processor

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Features Popcorn Hour A400


The A-400 features a dual core 800Mhz CPU, turbocharged your experience with faster loading time, reduce network latency and improve user interface responsiveness.

VXP Video Processor

With integrated VXP® video processing, brings video quality to a next level. By offering a best in class video processing for deinterlacing, scaling and imageenhancement, separate video postprocessing are no longer required.Adaptive contrast enhancement analyzes the brightness level of each frame, producing stunningimages with optimal contrast.Motion and edge deinterlacing which includes directional interpolation to eliminate jaggyartifacts.Robust film cadence detection for interlaced and progressive sources providing fast 3:2/2:2 lock time, bad edit recovery, and support for extended film cadences.Adaptive de-banding analyzes the content of each frame, removing contouring artifacts that are a result using of 8-bit sources, without affecting high-frequency details.

NMJ Navigator

The new NMJ Navigator companion screen app allows you to browse your movies and music collections with ease. Movie jukebox on your iPad®, browse yourcollections with ease and interact with your TV in a new way. Get fan-art, movie info, synopsis. With interactive links, you can easily filter your collection. Share what movies you are watching with your friends on social network plugin. Soft remote allows you to have complete control over your popcorn hour on your iPad. Listen to your favoritealbum without turning on your TV, just scroll through the list on your iPad® and play back on your audio system.

3D Movies

First Sigma Design chipset player to support 3D movies natively from source. Enjoy the latest block busters with your family on your latest 3D TV. Withonboard VXP image processor, you get to enjoy more fluid-like 3D video.

With VXP Video Processor, your viewing experience will never be the same

The Popcorn Hour A-400 features an all new Sigma Designs 8911 dual core 800MHz CPU with 512KB L2 Cache with VXP Video Processor, bringing video quality to the next level. By offering a best in class video processor for deinterlacing, scaling and image enhancement, separate video post-processing is no longer required.

3D Movie Support

Now Supports Blu-ray 3D, MKV 3D, 3D Side-by-Side and Top-and-Bottom content.

Networked Media Jukebox

The Popcorn Hour A-400 comes pre-loaded with industry´s most user friendly jukebox interface. No additional or complicated software setup needed. The Networked Media Jukebox (NMJ) automatically scans your media source and downloads useful information such as the cover-art, movie synopsis, cast and director. With the addition of multilingual support, you can enjoy your videos in your native language (supports up to 20 languages).

Silverstone® Premium Case

We´ve partnered with Silverstone® to create a premium case for the Popcorn Hour A-400. Featuring a fanless cooling system, the Popcorn Hour A-400 operates silently. The new case also includes a built in SD card reader and a quick dock for optional hard drive slot for additional expandability.

Popcorn Hour Apps Market

Watch global news, listen to internet radio or stay in touch with friends on Twitter. You can catch up on your favorite YouTube channel or play some casual games with the family. With over 90 free and premium TV Apps currently available, and even more on the way, there is something for everyone!

NMT Apps, BitTorrent and Usenet Support

Turn off your power hungry PC and start downloading using the energy efficient Popcorn Hour A-400. And with the installation of an optional hard drive, you can access a series of NMT apps to add functionality to your Popcorn Hour A-400. The NMT Apps will turns the Popcorn Hour A-400 into a network attached storage drive, sharing the hard drive contents with other devices on your network.

Multiple Codec and File Support

With Support for nearly every media codec and file format, you will never have to worry about having to have the right format for your media. Simply select the file and enjoy. We keep our file support as up to date as possible, adding new codec versions via firmware updates.

Language and Subtitle Support

With Customers around the world, we recognized the need for localization. The Popcorn Hour A-400 supports more than 20 system languages and subtitle support. In addition to multilingual movie information, you can now search and download subtitles directly from your Popcorn Hour A-400 without ever leaving your couch!

Firmware and Community

Our dedicated team of software engineers and developers work to protect your investment with regular firmware updates. www.networkedmediatank.com, our community forums are home to over 90,000 passionate users who are always willing to help newcomers and veterans alike. When you buy a Popcorn Hour, you aren´t just buying a media player, you are joining a growing community.

Making perfect copies of your CD without breaking the bank

Audio CD ripper is a free app that you can install from our Apps Market. Our Audio CD ripper features a full CDDA digital audio extraction tool with exact audio copy and error checking. This means that you get lossless copy of your music without any degradation in quality. ID3 tags are automatically added (internet connection required) along with a playlist. For those audiophiles with golden ears, you can immediately notice the outstanding quality when you play back your audio with Popcorn Hour A-400.

Download the Networked Media Jukebox Navigator App for iOS


Download Popcorn Hour Remote Control for iOS and Android


Accessories and spare parts Popcorn Hour A400

Wireless N USB adapter. Compatible with Popcorn Hour A410, A400, A300, V8
USB Wifi n for Popcorn Hour
Wireless N USB adapter. Compatible with Popcorn Hour A410, A400, A300, V8
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IAMM: Cocktail Audio X30 - silver.




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